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Since its foundation in 2003—yep, we just turned 20 years old!—Design Mechanical, Inc. (DMI) has always put the customer first. However, not only are we committed to delivering the highest-quality commercial HVAC services to our customers, but we also strive to set our customers up for success in the long term.

We determined that the best way to do this was to educate them about topics that are pertinent to the care and use of their various HVAC systems, from air conditioners to boilers.

To this end, we launched DMI University in 2009. DMI University is a series of completely free educational courses that cover a range of relevant topics and we host on site at our headquarters. Our goal is to equip facility owners, property managers, engineers, and other related professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to run their operations successfully and keep their HVAC systems performing as they should.

DMI University gives our customers the opportunity to work closely with our HVAC experts to learn about proven processes and advancements in HVAC technology. To supplement the courses, our senior technicians actually join the participants on site at their facilities to run through the basics of their particular HVAC systems.

Armed with the expertise that DMI University provides, our customers can reduce tenant complaints, maximize their budgets, and provide a better working experience for their employees.

Here is a list of some of the topics that we’ll be covering in upcoming DMI University courses.

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency / Savings
  • Boiler / Flue Applications
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Building Controls
  • Air Balance
  • Electrical
  • Safety
  • EPA Refrigerant Recovery Regulations

DMI University is an amazing (and did we mention free?) opportunity that we don’t want any of our customers to miss out on. Please call (913) 281-7200 or email vmussett@dmi-kc.com if you would like to sign up for any of our upcoming DMI University seminars! You can also take a peek at our YouTube channel if you would like to watch recordings of the seminars we’ve hosted over the last several years.