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HVAC Maintenance Services for Commercial Properties


What we Offer

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Customized Service Programs

  • Full Service Maintenance
  • Inspection Service Maintenance
  • T&M Service Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Ultrasonic Flow Testing
  • Vibration Analysis Testing

Equipment Types

  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Rooftop Units
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Circulating Pumps
  • Boilers/Burners
  • Computer Rooms/Data Centers
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Digital/Pneumatic Controls

Other Services We Provide

  • Design and Construction
  • Sheet Metal
  • Refrigeration
  • Controls
  • Restaurant Services
  • Diagnostics and Testing

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance Programs

Design Mechanical, Inc. provides a complete range of Commercial HVAC preventative maintenance that address HVAC component maintenance and testing needs. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment all contain parts that deteriorate over time and can become misaligned during operation. This can cause the equipment to fail or become permanently damaged.

A broken heater or air conditioner in your place of business will drive customers away and leave your workers unproductive. This is especially important during hot summers and harsh, cold winters. It’s important to have commercial HVAC maintenance professionals inspect and service your equipment regularly.

Our mechanical services and HVAC system maintenance plans include the following:

  • Full-service maintenance – We make sure that your entire HVAC system is running properly and efficiently through regular maintenance.
  • Inspection service maintenance – Have a specific heating or air conditioning problem you’d like us to check? We inspect every part of your HVAC system and recommend any needed repairs.
  • Indoor air quality testing – Your air quality is vital to your employees’ and customers’ safety and health. Our equipment tests, monitors and improves your office’s air quality.
  • Ultrasonic flow testing – We also offer ultrasonic flow testing to determine if your HVAC pipes have efficient flow rates. This is a complex process that uses sound to find out the changes in how liquid flows in your HVAC system. Efficient flow rates help keep your HVAC system cost-efficient.
  • Vibration analysis testing – This monitors the levels or patterns of vibration within your HVAC equipment to detect any potential issues. We use vibration analysis to accurately diagnose your components.

These commercial HVAC maintenance services ensure that your HVAC system provides proper cooling and heating all year long. Certified and experienced HVAC professionals perform each service, so you can rely on us to get the job done right.

Why You Should Choose Design Mechanical, Inc.

  • Certified and experienced staff – When you work with us, you can be confident that your heating and cooling system is in good hands. We’ve been providing commercial air conditioning maintenance services for nearly two decades. Our team is completely trained and certified in HVAC repair and maintenance. Many of our technicians are trained at the factory.
  • Complete HVAC Maintenance – Whether you’re a property manager who wants to keep your commercial heating and cooling in good shape or a grocery store owner who needs to keep your customers and employees comfortable, our services will address your specific needs. We can provide a complete range of commercial HVAC services.
  • Services Beyond Maintenance – Our team also handles new construction builds. Our services include customized commercial HVAC systems, turnkey projects, critical schedule projects, project design and installation, and system evaluation.
  • There When You Need Us – With over 100 service technicians on staff, we provide reliability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose a scheduled maintenance program or call when you need service.