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Saving energy


Saving Energy

One of Design Mechanical, Inc.’s (DMI) mission is to help our customers with energy costs and consumption. The following products are furnished and installed by certified DMI technicians. These products provide a wide range of energy controls and monitoring that includes commercial refrigeration repair services specifically to serve our refrigeration customers.

1. The E2 Facility Management System is the foundation of any retailer’s energy and maintenance reduction strategy. The E2 is designed to provide complete control of building and refrigeration systems including: compressor groups, condensers, walk-ins, HVAC units and lighting. In addition to being an integrated site management system, the E2 can be the foundation of any customer’s enterprise site-management system. In partnership with the ProAct® Service Center, Retail Solutions can provide customers with features such as alarm monitoring and verification of facility operating set-points. This means that customers can reduce energy, maintenance, and other operating expenses, while also improving the operation of facility equipment.

2. The Emerson Refrigerant Leak Detection System is a multi-zone configuration that allows you to monitor multiple refrigerant types with one unit. It has the fastest response time in its class enabling detection from up to 1,200 feet away. It provides immediate notification sent to an E2 Facility Management System (see above) if a leak is detected. With its infrared technology, it virtually eliminates nuisance alarms. Integrated display simplifies system configuration and can be easily installed in existing stores. It is UL & CE recognized.

3. The XPRT Eagle Anti-Sweat Controller (XE-ASC) prevents condensation on fixtures in the most effective and energy efficient way. The system uses feed-back from each operating circuit. The XE-ASC incorporates the door frame temperature on each refrigeration circuit and maintains the frame and door temperature only a few degrees above the dew point to prevent the formation of condensation, thus maximizing energy savings by operating each circuit at the needed set-point for the specific circuit conditions. In addition to reducing the energy required by the anti-sweat heaters, the XE-ASC can increase heater life, prevent heater damage and lengthen the time product can be maintained in the event of a catastrophic refrigeration failure. The control is inexpensive to install and is applicable to both new installations and retrofits. Addition of an optional XE-CM (Communications Manager) allows the calculation of energy savings from cycling the door heat, share dew point and temperature settings to produce even greater savings to the store..

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