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Keeping an eye on your building in real-time is a big deal. Now, with Design Mechanical’s new product DMEye, we can provide that real-time monitoring and energy usage service that you’ve been waiting for.

Whether you have one building, multiple buildings, or an entire campus, DMEye can analyze real-time energy usage down to each individual tenant, which can convert to more money for individual billings.

How can this help you?

  • View your energy cost per square foot.
  • Identify customer PDUs for ease of billing.
  • Track your average energy usage over set periods of time to determine ups and downs in usage.
  • Minimal hardware with customizable software.
  • Load-shedding capabilities to keep peak demands below target goals.
  • Flexibility to customize the identifiers needed for custom billings.
  • Built-in reports automatically sent to your email.
  • Quick view of the entire portfolio, even across the nation, with a single site login.
  • Alarms and alerts to help identify potential issues before they become problems.
  • Stand-alone system with the capability for expansion—no need for an existing building automation system.
  • Up-front costs and monthly fees to fit your budget.
  • View the dashboard through any web browser.

Reach out to Design Mechanical if you would like to learn more about DMEye!