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A building automation system (BAS) has various complex components and controls that need to be handled by professionals.

Let Design Mechanical, Inc. design, install and service your building automation system (BAS). Our staff is trained and certified in handling state-of-the-art automation solutions, from wiring equipment to setting up your internet-based automation reporting system.

Here’s an overview of our building automation system solutions.

Environmental Controls

Our automated environmental control system uses highly sensitive sensors that report back to your HVAC system. These components work together to keep each room at the perfect temperature. It frees up your staff to work on more important tasks instead of fiddling with a thermostat every few hours. It also ensures that your equipment works in the most efficient way possible so that you won’t have any surprising spikes in your bills.

Access Control and Security

Having guards checking worker and guest IDs all the time is an inefficient way of securing your premises. It’s open to human error and can distract your guards from dealing with actual threats. Our access control and security systems use biometric and QR/bar code scanning to grant access quickly and securely to authorized personnel and guests.

Control Design and Engineering

We use our knowledge of HVAC systems to tailor a building automation system according to your needs and budget. We use digital systems to maximize the capabilities of your mechanical and electrical equipment. Whether you’re looking to monitor your building equipment or improve your guests’ comfort through automated temperature adjustment, we will make sure to see your plans through.

Building Control Migration

If you’re upgrading from an existing BAS, we’re more than happy to integrate our system into yours. We use digital equipment and special software that allows our advanced systems to communicate and operate with your existing one. Our new BAS adapts to your equipment with little to no interruption in your business operations as well.

You need expert help when it comes to dealing with the complexities of building automation systems. At Design Mechanical, Inc., we take care of everything for you, from designing your BAS to training you and your workers to use it.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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