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In the midst of an unprecedented surge in construction work during recent years, the need for expert fabrication services has become more critical than ever. Recognizing this growing demand, Design Mechanical strategically invested in a state-of-the-art workspace to amplify our fabrication capabilities.

After 20 years of trusted commercial HVAC services, the team at Design Mechanical is thrilled to introduce our brand new, cutting-edge fabrication shop, designed to showcase our unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise in the industry. This innovative facility is a testament to our commitment to excellence, ready to meet and exceed the complex demands of various construction projects.

In celebrating this milestone, along with 20 years of commercial HVAC excellence, Design Mechanical remains committed to delivering the best HVAC solutions to businesses in Kansas City. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you and join us on our journey toward the next 20 years!

How Our New Fabrication Shop Is Powering the Construction Surge

Design Mechanical understands the need for a dedicated space for our expert fabrication services to flourish. This led to establishing our state-of-the-art fabrication shop, a testament to our proactive adaptation to the industry’s changing dynamics.

This fabrication shop serves as the backbone of our construction operations, anchoring our place in the evolving landscape of the construction industry. It is the heart of our operations, where innovation, precision, and craftsmanship meet to deliver exceptional results for our clients. With every project we undertake, we aim to provide top-tier professional mechanical services that our clients expect and deserve.

Project Types

  • Turn-key
  • Critical Schedule
  • Customized Systems
  • System Evaluation
  • Project Design & Installation

HVAC Design & Installation

  • ASME “R” Stamp
  • ASME Section IX certified welders
  • AWS CWI welding inspector
  • Piping Systems
  • Underground pipe install
  • Fabrication/installation for carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC/CPVC, HDPE, PP-R
  • Compressed air, chilled/hot water, low and high-pressure steam, acid/caustic systems

Your Partner for Commercial HVAC Services and Cutting-Edge Fabrication

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary of delivering top-tier commercial HVAC services, Design Mechanical is proud to usher in an exciting era for the mechanical industry with our brand-new fabrication shop. Primed to revolutionize how we approach, manage, and execute projects, our cutting-edge fabrication shop, combined with our top-notch commercial HVAC services, we’re set to deliver exceptional work that promises to significantly increase customer satisfaction.

At Design Mechanical, we’ve built our reputation by providing top-quality commercial HVAC services to businesses in Kansas City and surrounding areas for over two decades.

With a dedicated and experienced team of over 140 certified, factory-trained service technicians equipped with the latest industry knowledge and a passion for excellence, we’re ready to meet your every need to ensure that your business’s HVAC system is in top condition. Whether you need a new system installed, regular maintenance, or an emergency repair, you can trust us to provide high-quality, professional services anytime, day or night.

In our 20th year of business, we invite you to celebrate this milestone with us by exploring the new offerings we bring to our customers. Reach out to Design Mechanical today to schedule a consultation and learn more about why we are the trusted partner for commercial businesses in Kansas City and the surrounding communities looking for comprehensive commercial HVAC services.