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What we Offer

EDDY CURRENT TUBE TESTING – remote field eddy current tube testing can be performed to detect any pits, wall loss and cracks in heat exchangers and chiller tubes. This gives us the ability to perform corrections during downtime.

OSCILLISCOPE – This testing checks for shaft voltages to determine if there is bearing fluting occurring. This gives us the ability to ultimately determine motor bearing failure.

NEBB – Offers tangible proof of measuring sound and vibration through air and water. DMI is a certified NEBB contractor ensuring our performance of the HVAC installation. A minimum of 10 years experience in HVAC testing, balancing, installation and design is required.

VIBRATION ANALYSIS – Vibration data collection and analyzer to monitor and accurately assess the condition of your machine while it is still running (no downtime). The purpose is to spot trends that predict future failures.
DIGITAL COMBUSTION ANALYSIS – Proper installation and maintenance of today’s oil burners require that combustion mixtures of fuel and air are set and maintained properly. To ensure this, testing should be performed on almost every unit in the course of service, and certainly on an annual basis. Appropriate draft, temperature and CO2 (carbon dioxide) readings are essential to verify proper operation.
ULTRASONIC FLOW METER – An ultrasonic flowmeter (non-intrusive) is a volumetric flow meter which requires particulates or bubbles in the flow. Ultrasonic sound is transmitted into a pipe with flowing liquids, and the discontinuities reflect the ultrasonic wave with a slightly different frequency that is directly proportional to the rate of flow of the liquid. This helps determine proper piping size, flow and design.

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