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If you own or manage a commercial building, you understand how critical it is to maintain your building’s air conditioning system. If your air conditioner breaks down, it affects more than just the capacity to maintain a constant temperature; it can also influence the comfort of your visitors and tenants and increase energy bills.

Because air conditioning repairs can be expensive, it’s critical to know what issues to look for to be well prepared for any scenario. In this article, we will look at five of the most common problems we encounter with commercial air conditioning systems and provide you with a few troubleshooting tips to help quickly solve any problems you may encounter with your commercial HVAC system.

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5 Common Air Conditioner Problems in Commercial Buildings

Here are five common air conditioner problems that many commercial building owners encounter.

  • Inconsistent cooling
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Low indoor air quality
  • Strange noises
  • Cycling problems

Inconsistent Cooling

Do your tenants or visitors complain about the inconsistency of your building’s air temperature? Various issues can cause inconsistent cooling, but one of the most prevalent causes is a leak in the air ducts or a malfunctioning thermostat.

If your thermostat is working correctly, the problem is likely due to an issue with the building’s air ducts. If there are leaks or cracks in the ventilation system, the air is being forced into places it shouldn’t be, which means your building’s cooling system isn’t cooling the spaces evenly and will likely require professional repair.

Refrigerant Leak

In commercial AC systems, refrigerant is a liquid substance that is required for the removal of heat and the creation of cool air. If the system is leaking refrigerant, the HVAC system will be unable to produce cold air, causing the system to work twice as hard, potentially resulting in additional and more costly repair issues.

Luckily, refilling your system’s refrigerant is usually enough to restore the system’s ability to cool and prevent future problems.

Low Indoor Air Quality

The air filters in your commercial cooling equipment help remove dust, pollen, and other particles from the air circulating throughout the system and prevent those particulates from affecting your facility’s indoor air quality. If your indoor air quality appears to be deteriorating, it could be due to dirty or clogged air filters.

To ensure your building receives the highest quality air at all times and improve your air conditioner’s ability to blow cold air, consider inspecting and replacing your air filter once a month.

Strange Noises

When an air conditioner is running efficiently, it makes very little noise. However, if your HVAC system starts making weird noises that you haven’t heard before, or if the noises become louder than usual, it could be a warning of a significant problem.

Strange noises coming from your air conditioner could be due to a variety of components. If you notice your air conditioning system making new or unusual noises, scheduling an inspection with a commercial air conditioning repair specialist is vital to inspecting and repairing any underlying issues before they become more serious.

Cycling Problems

Is your air conditioning system working harder than it should? Does it appear to cycle on and off repeatedly? If so, this could indicate that your existing commercial AC system is too small for your building.

If your commercial building is too large for your existing HVAC system, the system will work inefficiently and won’t be able to heat or cool the space correctly. Scheduling a consultation with a local HVAC specialist is the best way to determine if your commercial air conditioning system is adequate for your commercial building or if you need to upgrade your system.

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Here are four easy steps to help you prevent problems with your commercial building’s AC system.

  • Inspect ducts
  • Replace dirty filters
  • Remove debris from the unit
  • Schedule regular maintenance

Inspect Ducts

If your AC system isn’t providing you with cool air, or if you notice your energy bills are increasing, schedule an inspection with a professional HVAC service technician to ensure there aren’t any underlying issues in your air ducts.

Replace Dirty Filters

Additionally, clogged air filters are a common cause of airflow difficulties that cause coils in the AC system to freeze. If your air conditioner isn’t providing consistent airflow, you may want to consider replacing the system’s air filters.

Remove Debris from the Unit

Any debris near your AC system’s outdoor unit, such as leaves, garbage, and dirt, could lead to potential issues with your air conditioning system. Be sure to routinely inspect your outdoor unit and remove any nearby debris that may be causing your air conditioning system to operate inefficiently.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Lastly, scheduling regular HVAC maintenance can help eliminate any causes of your commercial air conditioner’s problems and prevent potential problems from occurring. Before turning on your AC for the first time, consider scheduling a service appointment with an HVAC professional to inspect and perform any necessary repairs.

Certified Commercial HVAC Repair and Maintenance You Can Trust

As a commercial building owner, you wear a lot of hats, which means it’s vital that you know everything there is to know about your building’s air conditioning system to ensure daily business operations run smoothly. If you’re looking for commercial HVAC service professionals who are trained and certified to handle your building’s AC maintenance, Design Mechanical is here to help.

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