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When it comes to updating your commercial building in the hopes of attracting more tenants, there are a number of renovations to consider. As a property owner, it’s critical that the time and money you invest into your commercial building helps you attract more tenants in the same way that your business does.

Luckily, doing so doesn’t require you to gut and flip the entire building, as subtle modifications can often go a long way. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven commercial building renovations you should consider if you are hoping to attract more tenants in the future.

7 of the Best Commercial Building Renovation Projects

Renovations to your commercial building will not only give potential tenants the impression that they are valued and are not being overlooked, but it also shows them that you are always looking out for their best interests.

Here are seven of the best commercial building renovations you should consider implementing on your property.

Lobby / Lounge / Patio

As a commercial building owner, your number one objective is to create a space that tenants want to come back to and new tenants want to discover for themselves.

Creating a welcoming lobby, lounge, or patio that can be used for answering calls, hosting casual meetings, or offering a fun shared work/community is one of the best renovations to consider for your commercial property.

If you’re looking for a great place to start with your renovation plans, consider building an open, pleasant area with a variety of seating and lounge alternatives to provide tenants and visitors a break from the daily grind of work. As a result, your tenants will now have a casual gathering spot for them to want to get away from their everyday lives for a bit.

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Conference or Training Room

Another popular renovation is a shared conference or training room that you can provide to tenants. This is especially beneficial for your smaller tenants who do not have enough space to host larger meetings.

A conference room should seat about 20 individuals, whereas training rooms should be able to accommodate roughly 50 people. Be sure to also include a variety of tables and chairs that can be adjusted to match the needs of each meeting or training session. You might also want to consider adding whiteboards, projectors, or a large monitor to the room, as well.

Café or Quick-Serve Restaurant

If you live in a busy metro area, chances are most nearby coffee shops or cafés are typically quite busy. If you’re looking for a renovation idea that will truly separate your commercial building from all of the others, consider adding a small café or a quick-serve restaurant to provide tenants with an excellent place to recharge while on the go.

If you want to turn the space into a true restaurant, you might also need to add a cooler (or freezer) for fresh produce, a vent hood and grill for hot meal prep, and tables, comfortable chairs, couches, or high-top bars with laptop outlets.

However, before starting this renovation, be sure to do your homework on your local health department regulations to ensure your renovations fit within their guidelines.

New Lighting

This commercial renovation is one of the smallest and potentially quickest renovations you can make to your commercial property. Changing the lighting design in your building to make better use of natural light and giving your tenants more control over their lighting is one of the best ways to add unexpected value to your property.

This can be accomplished by simply changing out the lighting fixtures to a more modern style, utilizing eco-friendly bulbs to boost efficiency, or using task lighting for individual workstations.

Additionally, spotlights, pot lights, and wall accents can be used to attract attention to dimmer areas while also adding brightness and color. This is especially useful if any nearby walls have a unique texture, artwork, menu board, or other features that you would like to stand out.


Accessibility is something that many commercial properties overlook but is essential for each of them to have. If a space is not accessible to every individual, property owners must make the necessary changes to ensure 100% accessibility to the public.

If your commercial property is lacking in this regard, consider adding larger doorways, wheelchair-accessible ramps, or altering the height of retail counters, among other things, to ensure your commercial property is accessible to all.

Smart Buildings

Tenants today want more control and visibility over their environment. If you’re hoping to attract new tenants to your commercial building, installing smart building technology is one of the “smarter” ways to do so.

Smart building technology offers things such as increased energy efficiency, automation/optimization, and health and productivity considerations for occupants that have never been seen before.

If you want to make your commercial building smarter, consider installing things such as HVAC management, lighting management, or air quality monitoring to make your property operate more efficiently and effectively.

At Design Mechanical, one of the many things we specialize in is the installation of building automation systems (BAS). Converting your commercial space into a smart building is a great way to improve efficiency and save on operating costs.

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Increased Security

Last but certainly not least, when signing a lease, most tenants place a premium on the building having adequate security. Because your tenants might work varying hours, it’s essential to consider the security needs of each tenant.

Installing security cameras, visitor registration, alarm systems, access control, and ensuring the exterior of your commercial building is well-lit are all vital things to consider installing at your property. Maintaining adequate security at your commercial property will not only help you attract new tenants but will also help you increase the value of your building.

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Upgraded and updated commercial buildings play a critical role in attracting new tenants. Choosing the right renovations for your commercial building will make all the difference in today’s ultra-competitive market.

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