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You can think of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a network of physical devices (such as smart home devices and technology) that receive and send data to a processing server on the Internet. The types of devices that are already connected to the IoT include cell phones, washing machines, headphones, wearable devices, lamps, jet engines, and oil drilling rigs.

Almost anything with an on/off switch can be connected to the IoT to gain useful information about performance. Experts predict that, by the end of 2021, there will be 46 billion devices connected to the IoT.

Data that is sent to processing servers is analyzed and then returned to the device from which it came, sometimes with performance recommendations and other useful data. Virtually all of this processing occurs on the cloud, which means there will be an inherent security risk that has to be managed.

Although cutting-edge technology is used to prevent security breaches, it’s extremely important that building owners keep security at the forefront of their minds, given the fact that a successful hacking attempt could wreak havoc among all these connected devices.

With hosting companies, business owners, and individual citizens collaborating to minimize security risks, it is unlikely that a successful breach will be perpetrated by a hacker. This means that the widespread use of IoT technology will not only be continued but will certainly increase dramatically over the coming years as well.

The following are some benefits that the utilization of Internet of Things technologies can afford commercial building owners.

Temperature and Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air that has become polluted is dangerous to the health of any commercial building occupants, so it’s important to have a grasp on what the indoor air quality is in your building.

Sensors can be installed to report data in real-time, which often includes information on the concentration of volatile organic compounds, allergens, air particulates, carbon dioxide, and ground-level ozone. Other sensors specialize in monitoring your heating and air conditioning to make sure they are performing as they should.

Indoor temperature is similar to indoor air quality in that it has a direct effect on the occupants of your building, as it contributes to their comfort level. When building occupants are uncomfortable, they are far less productive, which will affect your bottom line.

Sensors that are included in your building devices can monitor temperatures and indoor air quality to make sure that everyone working inside is comfortable and healthy.

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Energy Utilization

One of the most significant costs associated with commercial buildings is energy consumption, and in the vast majority of buildings, there is a significant amount of energy that gets wasted.

By monitoring energy utilization data, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money on utility bills, and you will also add to the sustainability of your building. Lots of equipment can be monitored with sensors, so you can find out how much energy they’re using and how efficiently they’re performing.

In some cases, this information can even be used to avoid breakdowns or to indicate when maintenance is necessary. This will help you to decrease downtime on your important equipment and will provide you with a warning when some kind of breakdown or performance decline is imminent.

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IoT solutions can help you monitor and track the usage of all utilities associated with your commercial building. This includes gas, electricity, water, and for some buildings, steam. You’ll have access to information about usage, supply, and of course, billing information so that you can be sure you are getting the most cost-effective use out of all utilities.

This information will also be valuable in helping you to make future decisions that are most appropriate for your company. You could have digital meters set up to track how every aspect of usage relates to a given billing period.

There are many types of monitors that can be used to provide data on reservoir levels, which can help you monitor reservoir volume in real-time. This allows you to avoid any supply shortages, which could result in downtime for your operations.

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Unfortunately, commercial buildings are prime targets for criminals and are subject to all kinds of different attacks. It is very important that you have adequate security in place for your commercial building and its occupants.

You can install IoT devices like sensors, beacons, and even specialized flooring that can be used to deliver information on activities and individuals both inside and outside your building.

Sensors can also be used to provide information on asset locations, and they can identify and track all personnel moving within the premises. If your building is policed by security guards, they too can be monitored to establish comprehensive safety within your building.


You can have sensors and smart devices installed in your commercial building so that managers and executives can be alerted to important events right as they’re occurring. With this kind of timely information, you can react quickly to unfolding incidents and correct problems.

These alerts will also help your decision-makers monitor all aspects of your building’s usage, without having to make any real effort to do so.

Design Mechanical Can Turn Your Building Into a Smart Building

The simple truth is that the IoT has revolutionized technology to the point that any commercial building can be monitored, controlled, and optimized to the greatest extent. There are many companies that can install smart sensors in your building and make use of the data collected by said sensors.

By using the information obtained from the IoT, you will be able to increase the safety and comfort of building occupants, as well as save money on wasted energy and avoid many potential problems. Essentially, the Internet of Things will help you run a more successful and efficient commercial building.

If you are interested in installing a building automation system (BAS) in your commercial building and making use of the IoT, the team here at Design Mechanical can help you do so. We have helped many businesses in the past revolutionize their buildings’ functionality through the use of smart technology.

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